Online Staff Surveys

If you need to find out what your staff think, then an online survey is a great way to get quantitative and measurable feedback. Happy People already has a free tool you can use…

The authentic staff survey, is a free online survey, produced by Happy People and Authentic Transformation. The idea is to measure both how happy your people are, and how well they understand your values and believe the company is acting.

To see the survey questions, enter code T1 in the ‘Organisation Code’ box to be able to view the second page.
We believe that people work best when they feel good about themselves and we want to help you find out how your staff feel.

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Custom Staff Surveys

Happy People offers a custom staff survey service. We can design, create and analyse data on a range of topics – and help you work out where your organisation can begin to make improvements.

To find out more about how a staff survey could help you, or for a quote: contact us.

Examples of previous projects

Charity Commission

Charity Commission

  • Designed and implemented a survey for 450 staff.
  • Collected and analysed the data returned.
  • Gave a full report, highlighting the key areas for improvement.

Southwark College

  • Southwark CollegeDesigned and created a survey to measure the effectiveness of their courses.
  • Created a spreadsheet system to allow for ongoing analysis by the client themselves.