IT Workshops

If you have varied learners, a limited budget – or just strapped for time – we have plenty of learning solutions. If standard classroom training isn’t suitable, we offer IT workshops, interactive presentations or good old fashioned floorwalking …

IT Workshops

If you have a group of varied learners, it can be a challenge to offer a single training course that meets everyone needs. Instead consider workshops: these are semi-structured days, involving larger groups, smaller groups or 1-2-1s – focusing just on the key material the learners themselves have prioritised.

We might start with a group session on mail-merge, then focus on individual’s own work for the rest of the day. It’s flexible – and aimed at training the most important IT features that will help learners perform their jobs

Who are Workshops for?

  • Varied groups of learners, needing to learn specific elements of software – or focus on their own work

What are the benefits?

  • Flexible day – we can spend as much or as little time on pre-selected material with whomever needs to learn it.
  • Learners can be trained ‘on the job’. As they face their work, we will be there to support them – and train them in anything that might make them more productive.
  • Easier to organise: rather than try and find a single course that is suitable for everyone – we can focus on what each individual needs, and give them enough time to cover it.
  • Everybody wins: learners will receive just what they need – and potentially in a shorter time than a full day.
  • Can be used in combination with other solutions: such as presentations, e-learning etc.


Often used as post-training support (to help learners implement their new skills) – floorwalking is a good old fashioned way to make sure your staff are being supported whilst doing the work.

We simply send a trainer, armed with materials, to remain present in the office (or somewhere quieter). Learners simply call the trainer as soon as they need anything. Alternatively – the trainer can deliver on the spot training – should the need arise.

It’s up to you. What would you do if you had an experienced IT trainer for a day?

Who is Floorwalking for?

  • Groups of busy learners, not able to spend a lot of time away from the office, but who need training support whilst they work.
  • Learners putting into practice new skills or tasks they have learned.

What are the benefits?

  • Learners can take advantage of a trainers skills and experience, whilst never leaving their desk.
  • Troubleshooting: it’s not always possible to predict needs in advance. Floorwalking allows for issues to be resolved as and when they occur.
  • Normal work has minimal disruption: learners don’t have to spend any time away from the office.
  • Knowledge transfer: will support learners when applying anything knew they have learned.

Interactive Presentations

If you have a large group and limited time or budget, then an interactive presentation is a good way to get across key information without investing in full training. They’re especially effective in conjuction with other services, such as workshops or tailored training.

Who are Presentations for?

  • Large groups of learners, needing a brief overview of specific software features

What are the benefits?

  • Get accross key information in a short amount of time
  • Great introduction to new software or new versions
  • Great way to ‘ease you staff in gently’ to new ways of working
  • Flexibility: presentations can be on anything you want
  • Best used in conjunction with other services (training/workshops etc.)
Please note, we do not recommend presentations as a replacement for standard training. They are a great way to introduce software, and are often best used in conjunction with standard training, or IT Coaching.