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The Sex Education Forum (SRE) is a membership organisation whose aim is to achieve quality sex and relationships education.

They asked us to create an eLearning module aimed at supporting sex and relationships education that is inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identities and that complimented efforts to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying at school.

The module was funded by Department for Education and was developed as part of a larger classroom initiative aimed at school staff including teachers, nurses and senior management teams.

 Sex Education Forum (SRE) eLearning screenshots

What we did

Happy created two pathways (primary and secondary) through 40 minutes of training designed to be done individually, in pairs or in small groups. We combined formal learning techniques with more informal resources including practical tips, real-life examples and provided scenarios where learners could work through the sometimes challenging questions pupils really need to ask.

How we did it

An in-house subject matter expert had already developed and trained a face-to-face curriculum on this subject.  We worked closely with them to help them understand both the eLearning production process and to share insights into identifying the activities that transform best  from classroom to active and engaged online learning.

The benefits, as measured by the client

The courses have been completed over 600 times in just 10 weeks. 98% of users have said they found the training useful, with 77% users rating it very useful.

User feedback:

  • “Thank you, a lot of information that I needed to ‘brush’ up on!
  • “Informative and looked at different key stages”
  • “The eLearning helped to reinforce what I learned on the course. Thank you.”
  • “I found the tips and lesson resources very useful.”

What did SRE say?

I had a fantastic experience working with Happy. They took the time to really think through complex material and to discuss its purpose and how best to communicate the key messages to our users. I felt in safe hands from start to finish and am very pleased with the end result. I have learnt a lot from this experience and have no hesitation in recommending Happy to other education providers.

Polly Haste, Training Lead, Sex Education Forum