School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) provides training and opportunities to help people use their entrepreneurial abilities for social benefit.

What we did

Happy helped Alastair Wilson, SSE’s CEO, to restructure his organisation to keep pace with growth.  Happy facilitated three sessions for Alastair and the team, enabling them to plan their restructure, bring out and discuss any tricky issues, and move forward.

The benefits, as measured by the client

  • SSE restructured, created three new teams, and devolved budgets for the first time
  • The CEO now has time for external work, fundraising and governance
  • Individual, team and organisational objectives are in place
  • Directors forums were set up, where the five directors and CEO make decisions together
  • The organisation has more focus, energy and leadership, and has just had a bumper season

What did they say?

“The hallmarks of Happy, for me, are trust, generosity, maturity and experience.  They are savvy and pragmatic, too. If you’re looking to re-structure, do it the Happy way – I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Alastair Wilson, Chief Executive, School for Social Entrepreneurs

“Happy seems to be centuries ahead in leadership, how people can be best supported to work at their best. The story is inspirational but what is even more inspirational is their ability to share this knowledge so that their mantra of Happy can be experienced.”

Marcia Roswell-Joseph