The Pensions Trust

The Pensions Trust is a mutual organisation with 160 employees which provides pensions for Charities and not for profit organisations.

What we did

  • We helped managers to delegate successfully and create a culture of job ownership, so that their teams got the job done from start to finish with minimal involvement or intervention from the manager.
  • In one day, we gave managers proven techniques and ideas for creating high performing and engaged teams, including: what empowers people to work at their best, job ownership, giving constructive feedback, engaging and motivating your teams.
  • At the end of the day, everyone produced a personal and team action plan to put their learning into practice.

The benefits, as measured by the client

  • A buddy system has been set up for staff to support each other.
  • An unpopular annual appraisal system was replaced with monthly one-to-ones which people really like.
  • The Pensions Trust won Investors In People Gold – a very rare achievement, particularly in the financial sector.
  • People take more ownership of their jobs, working more independently and self-sufficiently than before.

Testimonials from the staff

“Our IIP Gold was due to our overall approach, including very significant contributions from Happy.  In just two days, they had a really big impact. Our competitive advantage is in customer care, and that depends on engaged employees.  We asked our staff what made them engaged.  And the biggest factor, more than training and money was the behaviour of their managers. I wanted something very practical.  We could do theory.  I wanted someone to come in and give us examples of engagement and motivation. I wanted an inspirational approach to delegation and practical ideas for getting people to take responsibility and ownership.”

Andrew Walsh, Head of Business Resources, The Pensions Trust

“Excellent use of my time and has improved my ability to delegate.”

Louise Bancroft, The Pensions Trust