Management Blitz

Would you like to become the sort of manager that your people would pick if they had the choice? This nine-week programme covers a range of simple practical steps to become more effective in enabling your people, and in stepping back to provide more trust and freedom.

Once a week for nine weeks, join us at 9.15am on Monday morning for 45 minutes and discover this week's management technique. The following week will start with 15 minutes sharing how it all went followed by 30 minutes on the new topic and challenge for the coming week.

These sessions will be interactive but short and focused, you will be committing to your own action each week. This is all about implementation, experimentation, seeing the impact you have and learning from mistakes. The group and facilitator are there to help you problem solve, to offer support and to hold you accountable for the plans you make. 

This programme is only available for online private bookings. Please get in touch for availability and pricing.

Course Overview

The Blitz is designed to make simple changes that could transform the culture of your team. We believe it will lead directly to people feeling more enabled and more empowered.

Week 1 – Listen: Simply listen to your people, and show that you understand and value their input.

Week 2 – The question challenge: In your next team meeting and next 1-to-1, ask only questions.

Week 3 – Psychological safety: Creating a no blame culture where people feel free to raise concerns and take risks.

Week 4 – Be a good coach: The most important behaviour of a manager, simple steps to being a good coach.

Week 5 – Effective Feedback: discover a 4 stage model for giving any type of feedback to anyone.

Week 6 – Strengths: Discover your strengths. Help your people find their talents and work to them.

Week 7 – Pre approval: The highest level of trust in delegation. Approve the solution before they’ve thought up the solution. Freedom within guidelines.

Week 8 – Motivation: Understand what truly motivates people. Ensuring opportunities for mastery, autonomy and purpose.

Week 9 – Review and ongoing commitment. Recap on the key messages. Reflect on the behaviours that you want to continue with and how you will embed them long-term.

Each week, you will join us on Zoom at 9.15am on Monday morning for 45 minutes.  The first 15 minutes will be catching up on progress and trouble-shooting last week’s topic, followed by half an hour delving into the new technique and challenge for this week.

This programme is only available for online private bookings. Please get in touch for availability and pricing.

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