How to Minimise Data Entry Mistakes in Excel

Learn how to create a drop-down menu in Microsoft Excel, using the Data Validation tool in our two-minute video.

When you create a drop-down menu in a cell, it means that the user can only select one of the options from the menu – they are not able to enter their own data. This is a great way to save time during data entry, minimise the risk of typos and mistakes, as well as ensure that there is no invalid entries. It also makes it much easier to filter and analyse your data. In this two-minute video, Nicky explains how to create your own drop-down menu using Excel’s Data Validation tool.

Want to learn more?

Our Excel Core Level 3 course covers Data Validation as well as more advanced data analysis tools, such as using VLOOKUP and nesting the IF, AND, OR functions (using formulas inside a formula). Links to view the course outline and the upcoming public course dates at Happy's training centre in Aldgate, London, are below:

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