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At Happy, we have been hearing from learners about the different ways you use Microsoft Word. Some of you create multiple documents, often with lots of dynamic content and formatting. Others need to focus on one really big project, such as an annual report or a dissertation, where document structure and multiple drafts are critical. The knowledge and skills you require in each scenario are very different.

Choose your course; maximise your productivity

Because we know you use Word in such different ways, Happy has introduced two new, highly focused Word courses. You can now choose your course to meet your specific needs.

  • If you produce long documents, like an annual report or a white paper, perhaps in collaboration with others, then check out Word Core Level 2 – Long Documents and Reports.
  • If you work on a more dynamic range of documents, where features like templates and mail merge are most important, then Word Core Level 2 – Communication Tools is the course for you.

Because both courses are more specialised than our previous Core Level 2 programme, you will be able to concentrate on the features that are most relevant to your work. You’ll cover everthing you need and nothing you don’t. We believe that by tailoring your learning like this, you’ll maximise your productivity when you return to your workplace. Scroll down to pick the right course for you.

Word Core Level 2 – Long Documents and Reports

Whether you are working on an Annual Report for work, or a dissertation for your degree, Word Core Level 2 – Long Documents and Reports is for you. Word has some great long document tools, but they are not the most intuitive. Let us help you unlock those features to create clear, attractive long form documents in less time. With a big focus on Styles, the course includes:

  • No more scrolling – click straight to the section you want to work on using Table of Contents
  • Make the most of Headers and Footers, Page Numbers and Section Breaks
  • Illustrate your key points with sophisticated graphics, including diagrams, charts and graphs
  • Collaborate more effectively and see who changed what with Track Changes
  • Brighen up your bibliography and refresh your references with Reference Styles

For details, click here!

Word Core Level 2 – Communication Tools

The second of our new courses, Word Core Level 2 – Communication Tools, takes the hassle out of working with more dynamic content. You’ll be creating punchy, personalised communications and clear, concise documents in no time. The course includes:

  • Cut down on typing and speed through repetitive documents with Templates and Building Blocks / Autotext
  • Fine tune your formatting and maintain consistency in every document using Styles
  • Make best use of Headers and Footers in shorter documents and up your impact with pictures and diagrams
  • Personalise your letters and emails with Mail Merge in Word and Outlook – no more BCC!

For details, click here!

Course Requirements

Please note, for both courses, you should be confident in creating, saving and finding Word documents as well as entering, formatting and editing text. If you are not at that level yet, you will need to complete Word Core Level 1 first.

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Fab..!! I didn't realise that there were so many things you could do with formatting etc

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