Abel and Cole

Abel & Cole

Abel and Cole are an organic fruit and veg (and lots more) home delivery business.

What we did

Happy ran a fortnightly workshop for all Abel & Cole’s managers, covering HR basics, recruitment, giving feedback, running effective meetings, and motivating teams, followed by individual 1 to 1 management coaching.

The benefits, as measured by the client

  • All managers, new and experienced, manage their teams to the same high standards and norms.
  • Staff morale and loyalty increased through the company.
  • Peer-to-peer support between managers reduced their need for support from MD.
  • After the training, Abel & Cole was placed in the UK’s Top 20 Great Places to Work.

Testimonial from Abel & Cole

“It really seems to have inspired people. People are actually excited about being good managers. They have an idea of what that is, and a sense of it being possible. We needed people to work together as a team rather than continually looking upward for guidance. That is now happening. They are working together, asking each other for help.”

Ella Heeks, Previous Chief Executive, Abel & Cole