Job Opportunity: Freelance IT Trainer

Happy Computers (part of the Happy Ltd group) is seeking freelance IT trainers based in London and South East of England. We provide end-user training to a range of individuals and organisations, covering popular topics such as MS Office and Adobe packages.

Our approach is different to other training providers. For us, training isn’t just about being knowledgeable or conveying complicated information. It’s about how much you can involve your learners.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for experienced IT trainers, with a package knowledge that covers MS Office to an intermediate level at least. Experience of additional end user packages, such as MS Project, SharePoint, Adobe Photoshop / InDesign etc. will be an advantage. Software Rollout package experience (such as SAP, Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle etc.) is also desirable.

All our staff or freelance IT trainers are required to be TPMA accredited with the Learning Performance Institute (LPI). If you are not accredited, but we believe you have the potential to be – Happy will offer training and accreditation as part of your induction.

If you make delegate involvement the focus of your training whilst also making the use of computers fun – and are determined to provide the very best service to every learner – then please apply.

What you get

 The standard starting rate for most courses is £175. Large rollouts / projects this can go up to £250 (agreed in advance).

A performance bonus is also available for each day (between £10-£20) for trainers who score sufficiently high on particular evaluation measures.

Subsequent rate negotiation is dependent upon length of relationship, delivery of particular high income training and, crucially, consistently high evaluation scores.

As a freelancer, you are invited to observe / join in with our courses as part of your development. As previously mentioned, Happy will also provide TPMA training and assessment if you are not already accredited.

Applications and Interviews

To apply, please complete the web application form at:

The deadline for applications is 11pm Thursday 24th March 2016.

For our interview process, we will ask you to deliver a short piece of learning (no more than 15 minutes). We’re not looking for your technical expertise. We’re looking for your attitude, personality, communication skills and your ability to engage with a group of learners.

First Interviews:                                         31st March 2016
Second Interviews:                                    6th April 2016

Job Description

Essential Characteristics

  • Ability to fully involve learners and train to the standard of TPMA or an equivalent.
  • Infinite patience: the trainer will never show annoyance or anger with learners or put them down, whatever they do.
  • Excellent communication skills: The ability to avoid un-necessary jargon and explain computers and software in language that a non-technical person can understand.
  • Good social skills: a relaxed and friendly attitude, to enable all learners to feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Performance skills: the trainer should ensure that the learners have an entertaining and enjoyable day.
  • Commitment to the Happy’s training principles: these are based around a training style that fully involves all delegates, and seeks to realise their learning potential.
  • Flexibility: Happy’s trainers must be prepared to question their methods, test out new ideas and seek to continually improve their training ability.
  • Interest in the way people learn, and in actively using coaching skills to improve training.
  • Curiosity & Learning ability: trainers must be able to learn new packages at short notice.
  • Course preparation. The person is expected to spend time ensuring they are completely at ease with course manuals, timetables, demos & exercises, and on top of the package that they are training in.
  • Consideration and Tidiness. Trainers will commit to leaving training rooms / shared areas tidy for other trainers. Taking pride in the Happy environment, and showing consideration to users and learners.

General Characteristics

  • Energy & Enthusiasm: positive thinking is essential in all aspects of Happy’s work.
  • Responsibility & Initiative: all of Happy’s Associates must be reliable, able to take responsibility, determine their own job and work on their own initiative.
  • Commitment to quality: the trainer must see excellence as their goal and be totally dedicated to creating customer delight.
  • Excellent time keeping and general reliability: our courses start on time, not a minute late. They finish on time, not a minute earlier (where there is reasonable control).
  • Happy is a strictly drug free environment. Employees should not drink alcohol, take recreational drugs – or be under their influence – during working hours (including breaks). Trainers should never smell of cigarette smoke.

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