Happy created their first online course in 1999, and were shortlisted for the Institute of IT’s online training award the same year. With over 17 years of experience in creating learning, we can offer services across the full eLearning project life cycle and across any subject or specialism.

Bespoke solutions

Our eLearning solutions are completely bespoke to your organisation’s needs. If you have content that has already been created, we can bring this to life – or if you don’t have the content and need us to help create this, we can manage that too.

Like our award-winning face-to-face training, our eLearning projects aim to excite and challenge your learners to create a lasting impact. Our project will be tailored not only to the needs of your organisation, but the needs of your learners too, with a mix of engaging activities and resources.

Happy’s approach

We aim to gain a deep understanding of your subject matter, as well as a full understanding of your organisation, your project, and your learners.

If the learning you need already exists in a face-to-face session we like to meet your instructors, as well as your learners, to get a feel of how your sessions are run – who comes to them, what they enjoy, and what they find difficult.

This helps our eLearning team to better understand the interesting facts, the funny anecdotes, real world scenarios and case studies that really bring your eLearning project to life. These little gems of information are often what ignites the learner’s interest, and helps them to remember what they have learnt.

If the learning does not yet exist yet we can work with you subject matter experts and project sponsors to develop fresh content from scratch, informed by our research with your specialists and you audience.

Case studies

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Happy is ideally suited to work with you, developing eLearning for raising awareness or training your people or clients in a subject, product or process specific to your organisation (such as compliance training, health and safety training, induction training), developing their skills, or testing their sales and product knowledge.

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