Henry Stewart, CEO


In early 1987, Henry Stewart was finance officer for The News on Sunday, a left-wing tabloid newspaper that successfully raised £6.5m from trade unions and Labour local authority pension funds. Six weeks after launch, the publication was bankrupt.

“The problem was not the talent or dedication of the people,” Henry says. “It was the working environment. We weren’t trusted, there was a strong ‘blame’ culture and we weren’t given the freedom to do our jobs. As a result, is was nearly impossible to get anything done”.

Determined to learn from this, he set up Happy Computers in his back room a year later. From a combination of experience, revaluation counselling and a few helpful tips from Richard Semler’s ‘Maverick’ book, he drew together the key principles of training and work that continue to form the backbone of Happy today.

In 2009, Henry was listed as one of the top 50 most influential business thinkers in the world by the Guru Radar of thinkers.

You can follow Henry on Twitter @happyhenry

Press: Feel free to contact Henry directly on 07870 682442 (but please avoid Friday evenings and Saturdays).

Cathy Busani, Group M.D.

Cathy BusaniAt Happy since March 1995, Cathy originally started as an IT Trainer. Although having little prior experience in the industry, it was her attitude that made Henry realise he had found someone special.

Sure enough, within just 6 months she was voted in by the training team as their manager, and shortly after took over the role of Managing Director.

Today, she is responsible for maintaining Happy’s award winning and celebrated culture.

In 2005 she co-founded Happy People, dedicated to providing training, coaching and mentoring for organisations  and their managers looking to permanently change their culture for the better. She is also co-author of ‘Relax: A Happy Business Story’.

 Winner of the 2001 HR Manager of the Year Award (Personnel Today)
 Winner of a Special Commendation for Innovative Management in 2000
 Parents at Work/Lloyds TSB Best Boss Competition
 Winner of the 1999 Trainer of the Year Award (Institute of IT Training)
 Best Business Leader 2004 (Daily Telegraph Awards)


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