Happy People

Happy People Event Programme

Happy People Event Programme

We have now published our full event programme for July 2014 to June 2015.

Covering all our services and offers, it's available for you to download here.

Beyond Budgeting: the latest Happy Conference

Are you excited by the potential of workforce autonomy, but lack the dynamic management and governance tools to make real progress? Then join us in October for Beyond Budgeting: From Command and Control to Empower and Adapt by Happy People.
Brand New: Accelerated Learning

Brand New: Accelerated Learning

Why take a whole day when you can learn key skills in just 90 minutes? Happy has developed a range of highly focused courses, recognising the need to do more in less time.

See the full list of sessions available.

Public training

Open CoursesOur events are designed to make your organisation a better place to work, and for you to fulfil your potential……

Private Training

Private training sessionsChoose courses from our catalogue for a private booking, or select from our range of 3 hour sample sessions…

Online Surveys

Organisational SurveysWith our surveys you can find out how your organisation performs or what your customer’s think of you…

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Belbin Analysis

Belbin Team ProfilingImprove the effectiveness of your leadership team, or other groups, by assessing the roles they play best…

Executive Coaching

Executive CoachingOne-to-one coaching can be one of the most effective ways to improve the effectiveness of leaders and managers…

Public Speaking

Public SpeakingFrom a six person leadership group to a conference of thousands, our key speakers involve and motivate…

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