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Major Software Rollouts

Major Software Rollouts

If you have a CRM or ERP, or any software bespoke to your organisation, we can help.
Our approach is to focus on the needs of the learners and of the business. We create inter-active and enjoyable courses based around how people will actually use the software to be ...

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IT Apprenticeships

IT Apprenticeships

The IT Apprenticeship scheme is designed to build up your confidence with using IT in the workplace. You'll receive extensive training in a host of well known packages.

And if you qualify, you don't pay a thing...

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Excel Specialist Courses

Excel Specialist Courses

We now have a selection of 12 MS Excel courses (per version) covering pretty much anything you might want to use Excel for:

Macros, charts, databases, pivot tables, trends, forcecasting, formulae, functions, VBA....

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Public Classroom TrainingWe have 150+ IT courses in our schedule. A great solution for smaller budgets or individuals with specific needs…


Private Classroom TrainingGroup bookings save you money on 3+ delegates. They can be trained at Happy or on your premises…


Tailored TrainingTailored courses allows for specific needs, and ensures your training has maximum work relevance…

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Speed Learning

Speed LearningTeam members create their own training day by choosing from a selection of 1 hour bite-sized sessions…

IT Coaching

Workshops / IT Coaching

Onsite support for your staff. Our trainers will answer questions, give useful advice and support you in your work…


PresentationsGet across key information on the features of your software to larger groups, and in a shorter amount of time…

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