The Madness of Government Procurement

I am quoted this morning in an article in the Independent: “Capita accused of using major government contract to short-change small companies, driving some out of business.” I actually think the headline is unfair. For me, the problem is not Capita but the way the Cabinet Office has gone about this contract. It used to beRead more

Happy and Financial Times

Happy in Financial Times

Happy was featured in the Financial Times on Nov 23rd 2014: The article is reproduced below: Tips on staff productivity from a happiness evangelist Emma De Vita Although there is a proven link between happiness and productivity, boosting staff levels of joy is not top of most managers’ to-do lists. There are some, however, who take employeeRead more

Think Big – like Google

At the Happy Workplace 2013 conference Yvonne Agyei (Google Head of Benefits) explained Google’s Think Big philosophy. Or as she put it, “have a healthy disregard for the impossible”. Watch the video: Yvonne Agyei (Think Big is from 12:12 to 16:31) Yvonne explained how 4 years ago she went to the Board, as the newlyRead more

Reduce expense claims: let your people decide what to spend

In his excellent book “Becoming a Better Boss“, Julian Birkinshaw describes a very interesting experiment at the pharma multi-national Roche. Two groups of staff, in Germany and Switzerland, were told that their travel claims were to become self-authorised. Instead of being approved in advance and signed off afterwards, each employee would decide for themselves whatRead more