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Will you help us to create more happy workplaces?

We want to make every workplace a happy workplace – where staff feel trusted, valued, and supported.

We believe staff should be given freedom within clear guidelines to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Organisations should create and cultivate a ‘no blame’ culture where staff feel able to innovate without fear. Recruitment should be based on the principles of ‘recruit for attitude, train for skill’. Find the right person for the role and then help them to develop the right skills to perform at their best. And managers should people that their staff want to be led by, who can coach and motivate their teams.

Happy has worked with hundreds of organisations to inspire and create happy workplaces through the Happy Manifesto as well as our flagship four-day Happy Workplace Leadership Programme, including Just IT, Epic CIC, Kingston Hospital in south-west London, and even Macquarie Telecoms in Australia.

And it really works – happy workplaces have been shown to be more productive, have higher share growth, lower costs, higher staff retention, and higher profits.

We want to make your workplace a happy one too – but we need your help.

Happy’s next conference has been designed with CEOs in mind – and we would love to see your organisation’s Chief Executive or Managing Director there. Could you help us by telling them about this event?

The Happy Workplaces CEO Conference on 18th October at Happy’s training centre (with an optional masterclass on 19th October) will give CEOs and MDs this secret formula to increasing profits, reducing costs, developing and retaining their existing talent, and how they can find the right new talent for your organisation.

Speakers include:

  • Savannah Sachs, CEO of Birchbox UK, has celebrated 125% year on year growth, making it the fastest-growing market and the number 1 beauty box in the UK
  • Simon Biltcliffe, TED speaker and CEO of Webmart, who will share the secrets of “Marxist capitalism”
  • Dom Monkhouse, who has built two £30 million businesses from scratch and got both into the best workplace lists
  • The Corporate Rebels (Pim, Joost, and Freek-Jan), who gave up their jobs to explore the planet to find the most inspiring workplaces
  • Rosie Brown, Managing Director of Cook, will explain how she took her company to be the highest placed manufacturing business in the Sunday Times list
  • Simon Lawson, who grew his family business from 30 to 350 people, based on Servant Leadership

Join our movement – just email your CEO or MD a link to the Happy Workplaces CEO Conference page on the Happy Manifesto website, or contact our friendly team to arrange a chat with Henry Stewart, Happy’s CEO.

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