Why choose Happy People for your soft skills development?

sector_icon3Happy People works with organisations and teams to make them more effective through truly valuing and getting the most from their people…

Our courses & events are founded on a people based approach to working.  Our core belief is:

People work best when they feel good about themselves

Using this and principles like ‘Believe the best’ we take people on a journey to enable them to get the most from each other by supporting them to create positive and innovative working environments.

Everything we facilitate is based on an active involvement in learning: we do not use any PowerPoint presentations.  Taking this further, we sum up:

Involve → Discover → Challenge → Change

Every event or course is designed to ensure complete individual involvement and participation, the core learning points, the ‘eureka moments’, are reached through a series of carefully structured discovery exercises.  Our programmes constantly challenge participants to consider their behaviours and attitudes and change them in order to achieve the most for themselves and their team.

In order to ensure we facilitate learning across different knowledge levels and learning styles, our events are structured throughout around lots of practical exercises to enable the learning to be as experiential as possible.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive about our training programmes is about how practical people find them and how pleasantly surprised they are by this.

As well as our open programme of events, we create bespoke courses and events for organisations of all sizes within all sectors.  These can be focused on leaders, managers, teams or individuals.

For more information or to book

If you would like more information about us please go to the Happy People website area or call us on 020 7375 7300.  If you would like to book one of our courses or events please do get in touch with us on 020 7375 7300 or email happy@happy.co.uk.

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