Web Developer Apprenticeship Scheme

An 18-month programme of industry-led, learner-focused training and mentored on the job experience.

We do the recruitment, training, and ongoing support to enable you to employ an Apprentice.

There is little or no cost to your organisation thanks to the new Apprenticeship Levy, which can be used for any accredited Apprenticeship scheme, and does not need to be for young people or new staff.

The Web Developer Apprenticeship is an 18-month programme run by Happy Apprenticeships in partnership with Usercrunch, and supported by tech industry experts. We have funding from the Education Skills Funding Agency to deliver the Software Developer Level 4 Apprenticeship. Happy does the recruitment, training, and ongoing support to enable you to easily employ an apprentice.

Industry-led with expert trainers

Everyone who creates, reviews, and delivers the training on this course is a practising professional and an expert in their field. Our curriculum is constantly reviewed and adapted according to user feedback. The training framework responds to the changing needs of the industry, the business and the apprentices involved. The current curriculum covers:

  • Team processes
  • Using the toolchain
  • Testing, QA and security
  • Front and backend development
  • Specification and planning of a website
  • Developing and building a site from scratch
  • Creating a full project

You can view the full curriculum in Trello.

Our pass rate

100% of our Drupal Apprentices, who completed the course, have achieved their ambition of becoming a junior web developer. Some continued as a junior developer in their placement company. Others have found positions elsewhere, noting how quickly they managed to secure a full-time junior position. All have proved their capabilities and have done themselves proud in a relatively short space of time. Dries Buytaert spoke about our Drupal Apprenticeship scheme at his DriesNote, DrupalCon Dublin 2016. He recognised it, not only as an initiative that helps to scale the impact of the Drupal project, but does it the right way, by instilling the right values, culture and purpose of the community.

Key benefits

Free up senior developer time

Apprentices can start quickly on simple routine tasks like updates, testing and support – freeing up your senior developers to get on with what they do best.

No age limit – not just for young people

Apprentices are usually thought of as young school and college leavers. Not anymore! There is no age barrier to doing an Apprenticeship.

Existing staff can enrol too

Any of your existing staff can have a chance of career through an Apprenticeship – though they cannot have a degree in a related field and the Apprenticeship must lead to substantive new skills.

Get someone trained up to work how you need them to

You can mould a new member of staff to work exactly as you need them to. Our training and support is responsive to your needs – just let us know what you want.

Streamline your workflow

Paying more attention to your work processes gives you the opportunity to review and improve them.

A cost effective way to grow your Web Developer team

Due to the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy from April 2017, this scheme is available at little or no cost to your organisation. Organisations with a payroll of £3 million a year or more will have to pay 0.5% into the Levy, but can then spend that on accredited Apprenticeship schemes like this one. We can talk you through how it works and how to apply for the scheme on enrollment.

Apprenticeships are an ‘earn as you learn’ pathway to a new career, and the minimum salary is £3.50 per hour – though most companies we work with start their Apprentices on £5 – 6 per hour, with a salary review when the Apprentice is doing billable work.

For non-Levy paying companies, the Apprenticeship is 90% Government funded – you pay just £120 per month for the training and end-point assessment.

Are you interested in hiring a Web Developer Apprentice?

We have the skills and experience to help and support you. Contact us to learn more and discuss your funding options through the Apprenticeship Levy, or with 90% Government funding for non-Levy payers.

Feedback from Employers

The scheme is one of the very best. The assessment process, pre-start boot-camp and knowledgeable trainers mean we get engaged, motivated Apprentices contributing to our business from day one.

Mark Hope, Director, Access Digital

Taking on an Apprentice has been a fantastic experience. We have an excellent new team member, and have been really well supported all the way.

Jon Stutfield, CEO, Bliss

Join these forward-thinking companies that have taken on an Apprentice through our scheme:

Access Digital Bliss Catch Digital City Web Consultants Code Positive Compucorp Creode CTI Digital Dennis Publishing First10 Digital Hydrant IxisNumiko  Web Architecture and Technologies Ltd White Fuse Media

Feedback from Apprentices

From pretty near the beginning of my apprenticeship I was able to start working on billable work and be part of the development team. I’ve worked on things like automatically generating and adding ical files to an events content type, and adding Google rich snippets to pages depending on their paths. As well as technical skills such as coding and working with Drupal, I’ve learnt a lot about working as part of a development team. For instance I’ve taken part in meetings where we’ve been organising sprints and writing out user stories for tasks.

Rachel Brook

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