Live Online Interactive Learning

Modern communication software can now provide live and interactive learning sessions. Just like a classroom, there’s a trainer, other delegates – and  you can communicate, interact, ask questions, practice and engage with material. This is a perfect solution for busy people or remote workers.

What is Live Online Interactive Learning?

You log on to the session using software, and the trainer will guide you through the material – encouraging you to participate and learn from each other. Our sessions are never pre-recorded. Our goal is to give you an excellent and interactive learning experience just as you would expect from any of our face to face events.

Our sessions are 90-minutes long with up to 10 people per session to ensure that your trainer can give you one-to-one attention where necessary. They are focused on a specific topic – giving you only the skills you need to succeed when you go back to work.

Which technology?

Happy uses GoTo Training and Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) to run all our Live Online Learning sessions.

If you are using different conference call software, we will adapt our sessions to use it.

Upcoming sessions

Currently these sessions are only available as group bookings for up to 10 people. We will also be adding some dates to our public course programme shortly – get in touch with our friendly team to be added to the waiting list.

Microsoft Excel Live Online Learning Sessions

How to use the GETPIVOTDATA function

In this advanced session you will see how the GETPIVOTDATA function can be used to create a table from pivot table (and why you would want to)

  • Why use the GETPIVOTDATA function
  • Simple “Click on the cell” method
  • Populating a table using the GETPIVOTDATA function
The new TEXTJOIN function

In this session you will learn how to join text together using the new TEXTJOIN function

  • The difference between the CONCATENATE function and the new TEXTJOIN function
  • How to use the TEXTJOIN function to join a range of cells
  • How to use the delimiter argument
  • How to use the ignore_empty argument
Creating a basic Pivot Table

In this session you will learn how to summarise large amounts of data into a simple Pivot Table.

  • What sort of data can be “pivoted”
  • Adding fields and data to your Pivot Table
  • Changing the layout of your Pivot Table
  • Filtering your Pivot Table
Using Pivot Charts

In this session you will learn how to create a simple chart using a Pivot Table.

  • Create a chart from a Pivot Table
  • Change the layout of a Pivot Chart
  • Filter a Pivot Chart
Excel Level 2 Preparation Session

This session is designed for delegates who would not benefit from attending our Excel Core Level 1 classroom course but are uncertain about being prepared for our Excel Core Level 2 course.

  • Basic formula writing
  • Autofill
  • Using Absolute Cell references
  • Autofilter

Microsoft Word Live Online Learning Sessions

Using Mail Merges

This session is for anyone who needs to create letters, labels or any kind of custom document that needs to be individualised for each recipient. Learners must be confident in creating and saving documents as well as in laying out a letter in Word.

  • Setting up your data document
  • Creating the letters/labels
  • Initiating the Merge
  • Checking your finished documents
  • Saving your document and sending to print
  • If there’s time: Customising your merge.
Speeding Up Your Work in Word

You’ll work learn how to use Word’s built-in tools to speed up your work. This session is for anyone who is already happy with the basics of document creation and would like to gain efficiency. Learners must be confident in creating and saving Word documents as well as in laying out a document in Word.

  • Customising your Quick AccessToolbar to contain your most used tools
  • Using AutoText for text that you use repeatedly
  • Using AutoCorrect to fix common errors
  • Creating a Template for a quick and consistent document
Using Styles Correctly for Design and Structure

You’ll learn how to use Styles in Word correctly. Word works best when you use the inbuilt Styles to format but also give structure to your document. This session is for anyone who needs to create any kind of long document or use Word to present information in a compelling way. Learners must be confident in creating and saving documents as well as in laying out a document in Word.

  • Using built-in Styles
  • Creating and modifying Styles
  • Using Styles to create Tables of Contents and for navigation and easy editing.
  • If there’s time: Sharing Styles between documents.
Adding Graphics, Tables and SmartArt to Your Document

You’ll learn how to use the visual and layout elements that Word offers. This session is for anyone who wants to add interest and visual interpretation to a document. Learners must be confident in creating and saving documents as well as in laying out a document in Word.

  • Inserting and editing images (including Office’s new online image search)
  • Adding and editing Tables
  • Using SmartArt diagrams

Sample IT Sessions We’ve Run

Can’t see the session you need above? Contact us to discuss your requirements – we can create a session just for you based around one of our existing IT training courses, or we can create something totally bespoke to you.

Here are just a few sessions in the past we’ve created for our clients:

Introduction to Office 365 Organising your Tasks in Outlook
Word Tables Take Control Using Outlook Rules
Easy Formatting Using Styles (Word) Managing  Your Calendar in Outlook
Cross-referencing and Indexing (Word) Using Dates and Times (Excel)
Email Merge (Word and Outlook) Better Lookups: Index & Match (Excel)
Creating Impressive Charts (Excel) Creating /Using Range Names (Excel)
Creating Basic Formulae (Excel) Pivot Tables (Excel)
Sorting, Filtering & Subtotals (Excel) Creating ‘Animated’ Slideshows
Working Smarter with Excel Creating Business Graphics: Smart Art

Great training straight to your desk.

Our live online interactive training sessions are designed to deliver both IT and soft skills to private groups.

Why choose Happy?

Award-winning learner-focused approach

Small class sizes to give personal one-to-one support

Two years of free support after your course

Private group options available

No quibble money-back guarantee on all courses

Group Learning Events

If you have three or more learners, a private group could be cheaper.

We can tailor the content to your team, and host the training at your workplace or here at Happy in Aldgate.

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