Free Charity Days

If you are a small charity in need of end user IT support, then you might be eligible for a FREE charity day through the Happy Timebank scheme.

The Timebank Scheme

Once a year, Happy Computers offers free end user IT support to small charities as part of our commitment to making organisations more productive. It’s also our way of giving back to the community.

Have an IT trainer for a day

Under our TimeBank scheme, you can have an IT trainer for a whole day – it’s that simple.

They can help you in the following ways:

  • On-the-job support / floorwalking for staff using IT
  • Workshops: staff bring their problems to the trainer, who will support them individually
  • Collating basic learning materials (e.g. quick guides to generic tasks, or sourcing online resources)
  • Basic consultancy: e.g. you need an Access database setting up, or guidance in producing a complicated excel spreadsheet.

It DOESN’T cover standard IT training. Why? Because the scheme is designed to be mutually beneficial.

What we get

You might not think it, but our trainers benefit from Timebank days. Being trainers, most of their time is spent in the classroom. However, in supporting clients outside the classroom, they extend their working knowledge of IT. They build up their practical working experience of various packages and how they are applied in the workplace. They encounter novel problems. They get asked questions they might have been asked before.

All in all, in makes them better trainers.


The scheme is only available for small charities, and covers 1 day only.

The work we accept tends to be on the following lines:

  • Non-technical: we won’t help you code your entire website.
  • It must be achievable in a single day: so designing a large customer database that meets all your needs might not be realistic.
  • Nothing too far beyond our trainer’s expertise. We hope to stretch them and help them grow (but not break them altogether).
  • We generally limit work to IT packages that we already cover on our programme. Specialist or bespoke packages may not be achievable in the timeframe.

Applying Online

As places are strictly limited, we run the scheme on a first come first served basis.

Our application form is online – so make sure you get your application in before it’s too late.

Apply for the Timebank scheme