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Drupal Apprentices in the classroom

Our standard apprenticeship programme

The Drupal Web Developer Apprenticeship is a 14-16 month programme run by Happy Apprenticeships in partnership with Usercrunch, supported by the Drupal community and funded by the Education Skills Funding Agency. It leads to the Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship qualification.

Happy does the recruitment, training, and ongoing support to enable you to easily employ an Apprentice.

Industry-led trainers with experts

Everyone who creates, reviews and delivers the training on this Apprenticeship programme is a practicing professional and an expert in their field. Our curriculum is constantly being reviewed and adapted according to user feedback. The training framework responds to the changing needs of the industry, the business and the Apprentices involved.

In summary, we cover:

  • Team processes
  • Using the Toolchain
  • Testing, QA and security
  • Front and backend development
  • Specification and planning of a Drupal website
  • Developing and building a Drupal website from scratch
  • Full project

Key benefits for you and your business:

  1. Free up a senior developer’s time
  2. Cost effective way to grow your Drupal team
  3. Get someone trained up to work how you need them to
  4. Streamline your workflow
  5. No age limit – not just for young people
  6. Doesn’t need to be new staff, existing staff can enrol too.

Happy's Track Record

100% of our Drupal Apprentices, who completed the course, have achieved their ambition of becoming a junior web developer. Some continued as a junior developer in their placement company. Others have found positions elsewhere, noting how quickly they managed to secure a full-time junior position. All have proved their capabilities and have done themselves proud in a relatively short space of time.

We are extremely proud of this achievement; with the support of this Apprenticeship programme and the Drupal community, these school and college leavers have a great career and future ahead.

Over the past couple of years, we have expanded the programme to run Drupal Apprenticeship schemes across the country. We have delivered the apprenticeship scheme in Carlisle, Manchester, Leeds and London. We continue to encourage employers to take on Apprentices and are always looking out for starting new groups in other areas.

We like to have small groups, so that our training and support continues to be individual and responsive. We look to place at least 6 Apprentices in an area to be able to start the programme there. If you are interested and know other companies in your area that would be, please get in touch.

Dries Buytaert spoke about our Drupal Apprenticeship scheme at his DriesNote, DrupalCon Dublin 2016. He recognised it, not only as an initiative that helps to scale the impact of the Drupal project, but does it the right way, by instilling the right values, culture and purpose of the community.

Are you interested in hiring a Drupal Web Developer Apprentice? We have the skills and experience to help and support you.

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Here’s how it works:

What Happy does

  • Recruits and interviews potential apprentices
  • Runs a two-week intensive Drupal boot camp
  • Nominates two or three suitable candidates for you to interview.

What the employer does

  • Interview nominated Apprentices and offer an Apprenticeship.
  • Employ the Apprentice with your standard contract of employment, for a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • Pay the Apprentice a salary, current companies pay on average £175 for a 35 hour week.
  • Allow the Apprentice time off the job to attend training and for the Apprentice to study and complete course assignments, minimum 20% of working hours.
  • Provide meaningful work to develop the skills the Apprentice is learning.
  • Provide a buddy, from among your staff, for support.


  • Enrol Apprentices and develop a learning plan.
  • Run classroom training 2 days per month, with training delivered by industry experts.
  • Support the Apprentice with a nominated assessor/mentor.
  • Supply the Apprentice with online learning resources on Treehouse.
  • Set the Apprentice assignments and projects to develop skills.
  • Organise specialist workshops with groups of Apprentices from around the country.
  • Organise Apprentices attending DrupalCamps.
  • Use Slack for all Apprentices, managers, mentors, trainers and industry experts to communicate and share information.
  • Encourage Apprentices to attend local Drupal meetups.
  • Visit the Apprentice in the workplace at least every 8 weeks to check their progress and to make sure all is going well for both the Apprentice and you.


  • Meet to discuss the Apprentice’s progress and identify any work they need to do to meet the qualification standards


  • Have a job available at the end, if they do well enough.

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Feedback from Employers

“The scheme is one of the very best. The assessment process, pre-start boot-camp and knowledgeable trainers mean we get engaged, motivated Apprentices contributing to our business from day one.”

Mark Hope, Director, Access Digital

“Taking on an Apprentice has been a fantastic experience. We have an excellent new team member, and have been really well supported all the way.”

Jon Stutfield, CEO, Bliss

Some of our Drupal Apprentices

“Taking on an Apprentice, and seeing them develop over the course of a year has been amazing. There is always a burden involved when someone new joins your team, but, that extra weight very quickly transforms into an extra pair of hands. We have seen so much value in the process that we have now taken on a second apprentice.

“Finding the right place for someone in your team is important, and it will depend on the kind of work that your company does. For us, what has worked has been involving people from the top down. Starting with overall process, site review and quality assurance and then, bit by bit, working down into how all the systems are implemented. This approach has allowed us to convey the reasons why we do things the way we do them.

“As a result of taking part in the Apprenticeship programme, we now have a stronger team. We have all improved our skills – because teaching is a great way to learn. Our company is more effective as a result of paying more attention to our processes, and now we have so much more work, we need to do it again.”

Peter Brownell, Code Positive

“Happy has been very helpful with training and providing an Apprentice. The Apprentice has been attentive, hard-working and keen to learn and therefore an asset to my company. The course at Happy obviously gives the candidates the training needed to have a detailed understanding of Drupal and the continual training provided lets the Apprentices upscale in areas of Drupal they need help with.

“Happy is very helpful and make the process very easy. I’d recommend Happy and the Apprenticeship scheme to both small and large companies.”

Brian-John Alford, Bright Sites Consulting

Drupal Apprentices working on the marshmallow challenge

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