The Most Creative Annual Report Ever?

A big thanks to Marion Janner of Star Wards, @starwards, for alerting me to this fabulous approach to an annual report. And its not from a cutting edge startup, but from the public sector, the good old NHS: The annual report for Whittington Hospital Trust for 2004.

The brief was to illustrate the entire job as though it were an American superhero comic and Bill Greenhead did a fabulous job of it and won the Nexus Award (apparently the second time the Whittington had won it).

It very much looks like a marvel comic, with lots of cartoons reflecting the issues for the Trust. But it also heavily features stories of actual staff to give a real feel for the organisation. It has, of course, got the usual financial information and regulatory bumph too.

I speak as a customer of the Whittington, having spent a night there earlier this year after coming off the bike and breaking my collar bone. It wasn’t quite as wacky as the report, but it was a very good experience.

Be Creative!

Is this the most creative annual report ever? If you know of a better one, or of other creative examples, please do post their links below.

Does your organisation produce an annual report? What could you do to make it more creative, more engaging and a joy to read?

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  1. I’ve seen a couple of annual reports produced as desk calendars – a brilliant idea to keep your message(s) in front of people 365 days a year.

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