The Perspectives Group

The Perspectives Group is an independent planning, environmental and strategic consultancy.

What we did

  • A one-day Belbin profiling workshop for the newly formed Board, to help them know and use their strengths, and work well as a team.
  • Two-day core skills training for managers, including: effective delegation, active listening skills, constructive feedback and 360-degree reviews.

The benefits, as measured by the client

  • The Company works more as an integrated group, rather than as a series of separate business units.
  • The newly formed Board quickly learnt to communicate well, and formulated an effective protocol for Board meetings.
  • A staff ‘tea party’ takes place quarterly, encouraging people to continue to get to know each other better.
  • A mentoring scheme has been set up.
  • Line managers meet staff regularly; staff know what they can expect from their managers and how to communicate effectively with them.

Testimonials from staff

“Happy’s training sticks. Happy’s venue helped participants feel comfortable enough to take an active part in the sessions. The training materials were excellent – the folder is a useful reference. We valued the tailoring of the courses to our requirements, which made them feel very relevant.”

Hilary Jones, Human Resources Manager, The Perspectives Group LLP

“A fantastic day made fun! Good to learn more about each other. Thank you.”

Alison Milne, Planning Perspectives LLP, Training for the staff of The Perspectives Group