Past Posts from Henry Stewart

Up until February 2011 Henry’s blog was at Happy@Work. Past posts included:

Jan 30, 2011: Happy Computers is 20!

Jan 7, 2011: It is Good to Pay Tax

Nov 26, 2010: Why Economies of Scale Lead to Poor Service

Nov 24, 2010: Why Economies of Scale Can Lead to Higher Prices

Nov 9, 2010: The Happy Manifesto: 9 Steps to a Great Workplace

Nov 3, 2010: Is the Government Serious About Supporting Small Business?

Sept 28, 2010: Assess Learning, Not Teaching

Sept 16, 2010: Five Steps to Great Service (in a hospital)

Aug 2, 2010: Employees First, Customers Second (the HCL way)

Apr 8, 2010: “Everyone is a Winner” is the Way Forward for Business

Mar 10, 2010: Most Admired Company in the UK? (Surely Not BAT)

Feb 15, 2010: Let People Choose Their Managers

Feb 14, 2010: Promise Less Than You Can Deliver

Feb 12, 2010: Recent Press on Happy

Feb 11, 2010: The Servant Leadership Approach

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