New Course: TPMA Refresher & Renewal

Re-certify and update your training skills with our new TPMA Refresher and Renewal Course

Has it been a few years since you achieved your TPMA certification?.  If so I hope your training skills have continued to develop and you are still getting the buzz from helping other people reach their potential.

A few things have changed over the last few years, we all seem to be busier at work and the way we learn is changing too.  Did you know that TPMA has also changed?  It looks for the same high quality training delivery but has new streamlined criteria enabling you to focus on meeting the learner and business needs.

If your original accreditation expires soon and if you want to reaccredit and update your skills, its time to think about being re-assessed.  We have developed a 2 day workshop with this in mind – full details below.

You may also be interested in getting some help in applying the TPMA ethos to new approaches such as live online learning or webinars.  We have developed programmes for other clients in Mastering WebEx and Introduction to the virtual classroom so please get in touch with Nicky if you’d like to discuss it further.

Course details

This 2 day course is designed for anyone who has previously passed TPMA and would like to reaccredit and refresh their skills.

Day 1 – Skills refresher

Day 2 – Assessment

General requirements

Participants should be previously accredited TPMA Trainers.


The business world is becoming increasingly pressured so it is important that your training is as efficient and effective as possible. This course will help you recognise and understand how to tailor your training to meet both learner and business needs. The course will ensure that you are using best practice in line with the new TPMA criteria.

What the course will cover

Identify your default communication style and learn how to maximise your approachability and credibility to get the best out of your learners

Day 1 – Skills Refresher

  • Design a training session to boost people’s long term recall of what they have learnt
  • Ensure your Socratic questions are in line with the new TPMA criteria and understand the power of deeper-thinking questions
  • Tailor the course objectives to meet individual and business needs
  • Design learning that ensures value for money and recognises time pressures on the business
  • Understand the new TPMA criteria and changes to the scoring methodology

Day 2 – Assessment

  • Deliver you own 30 minute session, and receive immediate feedback and coaching
  • Find out your grade on the day and receive a report with detailed action plan following the event
  • I do hope you can come and join us one of the workshops, the next available dates are:
  • 16-17 July
  • 11-12 Sep
  • 5-6 Nov


£595 +VAT / £495 +VAT for charities

If you would like to book this course or would like more information on Happy People please go to our websiteemail us or call on 0207 375 7300.

Best wishes

Nicky Stone

Happy People

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