A screenshot from Microsoft Sway, showing how easy it is to import an image

New Course Alert: Microsoft Sway vs PowerPoint for Presentations

Microsoft Sway is a new tool, available as part of Office 365. It’s online, it’s incredibly easy to share presentations, and most of all, it’s quick.

You can use a simply formatted Word Document as the basis for your Sway presentation. (You just need to make sure it has headings formatted as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.) When you import your Word document into Sway, immediately you are presented with a formatted presentation.

Sway creates presentations that are very visual, and it makes it easy to create presentations that look stylish and modern. It will choose a layout and a selection of images that it thinks are appropriate, or it will use the ones in your Word document.

The team at Happy are really excited about Sway and the possibilities it creates.

“Personally, I still stick with PowerPoint for my slide-by-slide presentations but Sway has opened up a new way of presenting information and I’m using it more and more for my other communications. It feels really fresh and I’m having a lot of fun creating with it,” says Rachael, Senior Facilitator for Happy North at Happy.

If you want some inspiration check out Show Us Your Sway, a site where people can share their Sway you can vote for your favourites.

Learn more about Sway

We are excited to launch a brand new one-day course, PowerPoint vs Sway for Presentations, where you will learn how these two very different applications measure up and will learn how to create your own Sway. We have opened a public date for 16th May at Happy's HQ in London, or contact us for availability if you'd like a private group course for your team.

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