Melcrum advise companies on engagement and communication.

What we did

  • Happy ran a 2 day course for managers, covering effective staff management and powerful communication.
  • This course gave Melcrum’s managers a full toolkit of management skills, including: what empowers people to work at
  • Their best (and what stops them), coaching and influencing, induction, appraisals and feedback.
  • Every few months, Happy gives a half-day top up session at Melcrum’s offices.
  • A Happy coach stays on for the afternoon, giving 1 to 1 coaching time to managers, focusing on whatever they need.

The benefits, as measured by the client

  • Customer service is more rigorous.
  • Event feedback is better than ever, and referrals and customer satisfaction measures are up.
  • Melcrum’s appraisals, inductions and one on ones are all working more effectively and consistently.
  • We’ve implemented the Bradford factor – good attendance wins your birthday off.

Testimonial from staff

“Happy understood our needs very quickly. Since the training, the management team feel more self-sufficient, and work more as a team. We are all much more comfortable giving feedback – to each other but also to our contractors, and we get more from them as a result. Each team has standards and goals. We know what good performance looks like. The top-up sessions reinforce learnings and help people put them into practice. We make frequent use of Happy’s course materials – they have become an essential reference tool for our managers.”

Victoria Mellor, Chief Executive, Melcrum Publishing Ltd.