Happy Workplace Masterclass

Do you want to create a great place to work where your people are fully engaged and able to fulfil their potential? Do you want to create a workplace of positive collaboration, where each individual is prepared to innovate to solve the challenges of your organisation, but you aren’t sure how to go about it?

Imagine a workplace where people are energised and motivated by being in control of the work they do. Imagine they are trusted and given freedom, within clear guidelines, to decide how to achieve their results. Imagine they are able to get the life balance they want. Imagine they are valued according to the work that they do, rather than the number of hours they spend at their desk. Wouldn’t you want to work there?

This 90 minute Masterclass teaches the key principles that will enable you to create such a workplace.

This workshop is available online or in real life. Please note, the Happy Workplace Masterclass is only available for private group bookings. Contact us for more information, pricing and availability.

This 90 minute workshop can be delivered remotely via Zoom or in the classroom.

Happy's Live Online Learning sessions hosted through Zoom are interactive webinars, where participants are fully engaged. This session also includes use of Liberating Structures 124All and Conversation Café, designed to give all those participating an equal voice.

What you will learn

This 90-minute masterclass is a summary of the key elements to create a truly happy, productive workplace. It is an ideal introduction for a Senior Leadership team.

Be challenged and learn:

  • How a focus on happy employees can drive business results – the framework that makes this happen
  • Discover when people work at their best, and simple steps to enable that
  • How to increase trust and ownership, within clear guidelines
  • What Google found are the most important management behaviours
  • How to create a structure where the right people are managing
  • The key importance of psychological safety and how to achieve it
  • How to play to your people’s strengths to boost engagement and productivity through the business
4 out of 5 stars

It was good, my thoughts on the course haven't changed since I wrote a review on the day of the course.

Trusted Customer8 days ago

What are Happy's online events like?

In this short video, take a look at some of the ways that we create interactive, engaging experiences online using Zoom.

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This masterclass is usually between 1 hour and 90 minutes in length, facilitated by our Chief Happiness Officer, Henry Stewart. If you'd like to organise a session for your Senior Leadership team, complete the form below with your details and your timescales for the session.