Liberating Structures workshop

Just 10 Spaces Left on the Liberating Structures Workshop

Learn 33+ methods to include and unleash everyone in your organisation with this two-day intensive workshop, held at Happy on 29th and 30th November.

The workshop is practical and hands-on, giving you first-hand experience of each of the Liberating Structures methods. You will experience each one of the 33+ methods, such as 1-2-4-All.

In 1-2-4-All, the facilitator poses a question or problem to a group, who then have 1min for silent reflection, 2mins to build on this and generate further ideas and 4mins to share and develop these ideas in a group of four. The room then comes together, with the facilitator asking each group of four to share the one idea that stood out in their conversation.

Through methods like these, you will be equipped with a rich toolkit to unleash the creativity and talent of everyone in your team, work group, community and organisation.

The workshop is £495 per person + VAT for charities and public sectors, and £695 per person + VAT for commercial organisations. However, we particularly encourage bookings from charities and non-profits – so please get in touch if you would like to discuss pricing in line with your budget.

This workshop is now fully booked! Please stay tuned for future dates and updates.

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I came to the workshop looking for ideas of ways to refresh my approach to leading groups and facilitating meetings. What I came away with was much, much deeper. For example, a realisation of the extent to which the structure of a gathering can positively affect outcomes, and a desire to actively improve inclusivity. I saw how LS could help bring introverted folk into group work and also play well with technical communities where some structure is often needed to release innovation. The event was almost entirely ‘learning by doing’, brilliantly run and provided insights from a diverse group of organisations. I have used LS a few times and have been thrilled to see the enjoyment and great outcomes they can bring to collaborative work.”

Phil Davis, Director of Technical Learning and Development, Atkins, who attended a Liberating Structures workshop in March

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