January 2019 competition

Happy – January 2019

3 responses to “January 2019 competition”

  1. I work from home so I will make sure I have a happy workplace by keeping my home office tidy, taking regular breaks to stretch (and using all my ergonomic equipment), getting my dog a new bed in the office, making sure I always eat a proper lunch and making time to socialise outside the house. I will also try ways of managing stress and looking at the bigger picture.

  2. Happy is a good enhancer and a pathfinder of the career of people to become a strong nation.

  3. I am hoping that my comment has already come to you for the competition but if not here it is.
    In my job many people thank me for what I do. Since the start of this year I have been responding with ” Its my pleasure… and my job!” with a big smile. This seems to cheer people up. I work with people with cancer so every little thing that can brighten someone’s day is worth it – both for patients and colleagues

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