Intermediate Excel Level 2: Charts in Detail

Communicating the story in your data can often be more challenging than the analysis itself. Deciding which charts will best communicate with your audience and then producing them quickly and efficiently should be easy and quick. However, for many of us, it can frequently become a frustrating and time-consuming challenge that leaves us feeling exhausted and dissatisfied with the results.

On this one-day course, we will help you to identify what type of chart will best communicate your message, and how to transform them from an ambiguous image to show clear information with trend lines. Finally, you will learn how to arrange these charts onto a Dashboard to provide a clear overview of your data.

Course Overview

What you will learn

In this one-day Excel course you will learn how to use a selection of chart types in Excel to display data graphically.

In particular, after completing this course you will be able to:

  • Decide on the best chart type to use for your data
  • Change the chart type of an existing chart
  • Add a new data series to a chart after the chart has been created
  • Add gridlines to make it easier to read the values
  • Add data labels to place the names and values to each data series
  • Add a secondary axis
  • Add titles, legends and axis labels to charts
  • Create a range of different chart types
  • Create basic Pivot Charts
  • Arrange your charts on a Dashboard

Course timetable

Session 1

What charts “Say”:

  • Looking at chart components and chart types

Creating charts in Excel:

  • Charts with Chart Wizard
  • Moving and resizing charts
  • Changing the data source
  • Changing the plot direction
  • Changing the location of the chart

Formatting charts:

  • Changing background colours
  • Adding chart titles
  • Formatting text objects.

Session 2

Other chart types and when to use them, including:

  • Map
  • Stock
  • Treemap and sunburst
  • Histogram
  • Box and whisker
  • Waterfall
  • Funnel.

Using advanced chart features:

  • Changing axis
  • Formatting gridlines
  • Adding data labels
  • Adding a secondary axis
  • Adding a trendline
  • User-defined charts.

Session 3

Interactive charts with lists and Pivot Charts:

  • Using and creating Lists
  • Creating a chart from a list
  • Using and creating Pivot Tables
  • Looking at reports, changing the layout
  • Creating a Pivot Chart report
  • Creating a Filtered Pivot Chart.

Session 4

  • Dashboard: Putting your charts together on a Dashboard

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