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The Perspectives Group is an independent planning, environmental and strategic consultancy.

What we did

Happy held a very positive half day workshop in Effective Networking Skills.  Setting up a range of practical networking scenarios, the facilitator enabled the group beyond the workshop to initiate and nurture successful and beneficial networking relationships that will grow into future business opportunities.

The benefits as measured by the client

Since our teams have completed the training with Happy, the skills they have gained has enabled them to:

  • Understand that networking isn’t about artificial “performance criteria”, for example collect ‘x’ amount of business cards, but about making a connection and building relationships
  • Confidently approach new people and introduce them self; leave someone with a positive lasting impression; be aware of the effect of non-verbal cues
  • Learn techniques like starting a conversation, using listening skills to keep it flowing and how to make a strategic exit
  • Capture the essence of what our business is about and to ‘hook’ the interest of the person they are talking to
  • Understand the importance of taking the time to prepare before attending a networking event, as well as build in  time to reflect and follow-up afterwards

Comments from feedback forms

Well timed, not rushed, honest opinionsKaty Davis

Good speed and excellent tipsJess McSweeney

Relevant to companyHilary Jones

Insightful perspective on networking Alister Henderson

Positivity Polly Canning

Introduced a new way of thinking about and approaching networkingElizabeth Milimuka

Understanding that everyone else had the same concerns Rob Batterby

Very informative, made me think!Charis Yabbacome

Informal, friendly, interesting, flows wellCristina Naulls

Informal nature & informative facilitatorHolly Needham

Comfortable & informalStephanie Week

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