Happy Manifesto: buy advance copies & invest in its success

The Happy Manifesto (available for free download here) is about to go to print, promoting these key 9 principles. We want to spread the message and so, as an experiment in crowd sourcing, we are offering a chance to invest in this print run. You can be the first to get printed copies of the book – and a return if it does well!

Happy Manifesto: Our Offer

For £50: 10 copies of the Happy Manifesto (Normal price £9.99 each)

For £100: 20 copies of the Happy Manifesto
Plus a 1% stake in this print-run. In return for helping fund it, you get 1% of any resulting revenue.

For £200: 40 copies of the Happy Manifesto
Plus a 2% stake in this print-run.

Notes: We will have 2,500 copies available for sale. The list price will be £9.99, and they will sell for between £4 on Amazon (they take a 60% cut) and £9.99. Discounts will include the offers above and others for bulk sales. Selling 2,500 at £4 would get you your full £100 back, selling for more would get you more. And you would still have the books (or not – hopefully you will have passed them on to colleagues). For UK sales, postage is included. For overseas, we will have to add that cost.

This is an experiment in crowd sourced funding. What I learnt this week (at the ClearlySo Social Business conference): Crowd sourced funding is not about the money, it’s about the crowd. The idea is to get lots of people actively involved and bought in to making this book a success. I hope you will want to join in.

If it is your company buying, the return can be paid in training vouchers or extra copies of the book – if that’s easier.

This investment is limited to the first 25 people. I will be intrigued to see how many, if any, respond.

To take up the offer, tweet me at @happyhenry or email me at henry@happy.co.uk.

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