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Excel 2013/2016 Core Level 1

Perfect for beginners to Excel and spreadsheets.

Learn all the basics, including formulae, formatting and basic charts.

Excel 2013/2016 Core Level 2

Our most popular Excel course.

Learn more advanced formulae, use Conditional Formatting, and create your first Pivot Table.

Analysing Excel Data for Better Business Decisions

One-day intensive course focused on how to quickly and effectively analyse data.

Learn techniques for speedy analysis and how to set up complex automated dashboards.

Our learners tell us that they save an average of 32 minutes a day with our Excel training courses. How much time could you save with us?

Our range of Excel training courses has been designed to support everyone from complete beginners with our Level 1 training courses, through to those who need to develop advanced Excel skills using Macros and VBA. We also offer a choice of intensive courses – courses that are slightly longer and faster paced than our standard courses, focusing on a specialist area.

All of our courses are available for private groups, either held at your workplace or at Happy’s training centre in Aldgate, central London. All courses include two years of free access to our IT helpline, staffed by our IT trainers to give you unlimited support after your course.

Plus, we are so confident that you will love our training that we offer a full, no quibble money-back guarantee on all courses.

Excel Core Level 1

If you’re brand new to Excel and using spreadsheets, or want to fill in the gaps, our Excel Core Level 1 training course will help you to get started. Learn how to find your way around Excel (including creating, saving, closing, and opening files), how to use a formula to add up numbers automatically, sort and filter your data to show only the information you need, and create basic charts to make your important information stand out.

Excel 2013/2016 Core Level 1 Find Out More
Excel 2007/2010 Core Level 1 Find Out More
Excel 2013/2016 Core Level 1: Taught in British Sign Language Find Out More

Excel Core Level 2

Our most popular Excel course, this intermediate level is for anyone who has used Excel to create and alter spreadsheets in the past and can perform basic calculations. You will learn how to create more advanced formulae to create a calculation based on a condition, create and work on more than one worksheet and group them to make changes to all simultaneously, add protection to your spreadsheets, and create a basic Pivot Table to summarise large sets of data quickly and easily.

Excel 2013/2016 Core Level 2 Find Out More
Excel 2007/2010 Core Level 2 Find Out More
Excel 2013/2016 Core Level 2: Taught in British Sign Language Find Out More

Other Level 2 training courses

If you would like to continue your Excel training, take a look at our range of intermediate-level courses, We recommend that you take our Core Level 2 course first, but this is not a requirement, as long as you fulfil the criteria for the courses.

Excel 2013/2016: Charts in Detail Find Out More
Excel 2007/2010: Charts in Detail Find Out More
Excel Databases Find Out More

Excel Level 3

This more advanced Excel course is designed for anyone who uses Excel for managing budgets, timesheets, reports and other data that requires more advanced formulae and calculations. This course covers more advanced charts, using Partial Absolute Cell References, using range names, cross-referencing data with Hlookup and Vlook up, and more advanced formula such as ISERROR and ISNA.

Excel 2016 Core Level 3 Find Out More
Excel 2013 Core Level 3 Find Out More
Excel 2007/2010 Core Level 3 Find Out More
Analysing Excel Data for Better Business Decisions Find Out More
Excel Pivot Tables: From Data to Dashboard Find Out More

Excel Levels 4 and 5

These are our most advanced Excel courses and are high-level, fast-paced courses. We strongly recommend that you take our Excel Core Level 3 courses before advancing to this level, to ensure you have the required knowledge beforehand. If you’re unsure whether these courses are suitable for you, contact our Customer Service team for advice on 020 7375 7300 before booking.

Excel Core Level 4 Find Out More
Introduction to Excel Macros with Visual Basic Find Out More
Excel 2007-2013 Formulae and Functions Find Out More
Using Visual Basic in Excel (3 days) Find Out More

Why choose Happy?

Award-winning learner-focused approach

Small class sizes to give personal one-to-one support

Two years of free support after your course

Private group options available

No quibble money-back guarantee on all courses

Group Learning Events

If you have three or more learners, a private group could be cheaper.

We can tailor the content to your team, and host the training at your workplace or here at Happy in Aldgate.

Which Excel course is right for you?

Making sure you’ve booked the right course isn’t always easy.

Luckily we have a handy survey to help you decide.

And if you’re still unsure, call our friendly team on 020 7375 7300 and we’ll help you work out what you need.

Watch a taster session

In this 14-minute video, our Senior Trainer Maureen delivers an Excel training session on creating and using formula.

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Pivot Tables: You’ve Got to Get Them in Your Life!

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