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Get your pivot table to put your filtered data on different sheets

I think we’ve all declared our love of pivot tables haven’t we?  If you’re still undecided let us offer you another inducement.

In the screenshot below we’ve created a pivot table from our staff database.  We’ve created this because we want to be able to see all the staff Salaries and Bonuses by department. We could have put the department field in the row labels area but ideally we’d like each department on a different sheet so that we can send the results to each department head.  So for now we’ve put Department in the Report Filter area of the pivot table.

Pic 1

The next step is to get the pivot table to place the filtered data onto new sheets, and this is just too easy…

  1. Go to the Options tab of the Pivot Table tools tab on the ribbon
  2. Click on the options drop down
  3. Click Show Report Filter Pages

Pic 2








4.  If you have more than one field in the Report Filer area of you pivot table make sure you select the correct one!

Pic 3









5.  Click OK – And that’s it!  A new sheet has been created for each department, has been named and has got the correct data on!

Pic 4











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