TPMA Certification Essentials

Become a Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) accredited trainer with our four-day Trainer Performance and Monitoring Assessment (TPMA) certification course. Over four days, you will practice, be challenged and receive invaluable feedback.

Designed for trainers with at least six months experience, you will spend three days learning how to deliver interactive and engaging training. The final fourth day is your assessment day, where you will undergo a formal professional assessment.

Happy is the only company in the UK to have achieved the LPI’s prestigious Gold Standard for 19 successive years – and if you don’t believe TPMA is a better training standard and that your training has been useful, you don’t have to pay us a penny.

Course Dates:

20th May 2019 ( spaces available )

5th Aug 2019 ( spaces available )

Course Length: 4 Days

Course Costs:

Standard Price: £1,575 (+VAT)

Charity: £995 (+VAT)

Public Sector: £1,575 (+VAT)

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Course Location

Happy HQ, 3rd Floor, 9 Alie Street, London E1 8DE

Course Requirements

You should have at least six months regular training experience.

You will need to pre-prepare a 30-minute complete session including a lesson plan, with introductions and objectives, a learning section, plus recap and exercise. You will be training fellow participants who may come from all kinds of backgrounds, so please select a topic that does not require any special previous knowledge. We will have Office 2010 and 2016 available as well as full access to the internet. If you require any other software for your training session please contact us in advance to check.

You should also be prepared to deliver a 10-minute extract from your training session on the first day; this will enable the trainer to get a flavour of your training style and does not need to be a complete session.

We recommend that you bring along a soft copy of all of your course materials on a USB drive so that you can update them during the course. There will be computers available at Happy during the course for you to work on until 5:30pm when our training centre closes. You will be able to print your materials at Happy in preparation for your final assessment.

The course can be quite an intense experience and you should be prepared for some additional work in the evenings on day one, two and three.

What You Will Learn


By the end of the course you will understand and be assessed against the core competencies necessary to pass the TPMA standards.

What is the TPMA?

The Learning and Performance Institute’s TPMA (Trainer Performance, Monitoring and Assessment) is designed to raise the standard of IT training across the industry. The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) training competency framework is aligned with the national standards for all trainers, tutors and teachers.

The assessment leads to the TPMA certificate, awarded by the LPI. Those successful will receive a certificate and will qualify for professional membership of the LPI.

This is now the only certification available from the LPI.

What is learner-focused training?

Learner-focused training focuses the trainer on meeting the needs and objectives of the learner. This means fully and actively involving and engaging the learner. It means making the training an enjoyable experience and ensuring it is completely practical and relevant to their work.

In recognition of the success of their learner-focused approach, Happy won the LPI’s Training Company of the Year award in 2009.

Why choose Happy?

Happy was the first Authorised Qualification & Assessment Centre (AQAC) for the new standard, and we are the only company in the UK to have achieved the LPI’s prestigious Gold Standard for 19 successive years.

Not only this but we offer a full TPMA guarantee – if you don’t believe that the TPMA is a better training standard and that your training has been useful, you don’t have to pay us a penny.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand and be prepared to be assessed against the nine competencies necessary to pass the TPMA standards.
  • Evaluate your current strengths and areas to work on in your training.
  • Confidently use all four question techniques, to gain full learner participation and involvement in training.
  • Identify the structure of a training session and be able to plan your own 30-minute training session.
  • Create your own checklist for reviewing and preparing your training environment.
  • Understand the benefits and key components of a lesson plan.
  • Create session objectives that will sell your training to your learners.
  • Identify four specific actions you will take to ensure a training session you run regularly is relevant for your learners.
  • Create memorable learning experiences that will be recalled for longer.
  • Demonstrate your current coaching skills and identify your strengths, and an area to work on.
  • Identify activities and training aids that will appeal to each of the four learning styles, throughout a training session.
  • Prepare a thorough recap for a specified training session.
  • Describe how you would effectively handle learner questions in a variety of situations.
  • Explain the difference between a professional, knowledgeable trainer and a subject expert.
  • Understand how to use your learners’ experience and requirements to appropriately adapt a training session and monitor it to ensure you are meeting the objectives.
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This course prepares you for the TPMA assessment and, we believe, will teach you new training skills and make you a more effective trainer.

  • The course covers each of the nine competencies. You will understand what they mean in practice and what we will be looking for in relation to these in order to pass your TPMA
  • You will deliver a pre-prepared 30-minute session to the other delegates attending the event
  • You will receive 1 to 1 feedback on your session
  • You will receive a copy of your TPMA report (a copy of which will also be sent to the Learning and Performance Institute)
  • If you pass your assessment you will need to pay the LPI £95 + VAT to get your LPI certificate. This includes 1 year’s membership to the Institute (if you are already an LPI member the fee is £50 + VAT).
  • The course will be taught using our Learner Focused principles. It will include involvement and be focused both on the assessment to be passed and on the training you yourself deliver.


The course will run from 10am to 4:45pm (light cold buffet 1pm to 1:45pm). Please arrive by 9.45am for registration and refreshments. The course will start precisely on time and it may not be possible to go back over material missed by late arrivals. If you arrive over 30 minutes late you may be asked to leave and attend another day.

This standard is very rigorous, so please be aware that you may need to put some of what you have learnt into practice outside of the course before you are able to successfully achieve the accreditation (If you do not pass on the course, you could book to attend just a trainer assessment event in the future).

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before booking for our payment terms and cancellation policy.


We want everyone to go away from our courses feeling as though they have learnt useful, practical skills that they can use straight away when they go back to work.

If you don’t feel that your training has been useful or if you are unhappy in any way, please just get in touch with our Customer Services team within 30 days of the course. We will be happy to offer you additional support and training free of charge to help you to gain the skills you need, or if you’d prefer, a full refund.

Your Course Trainers

Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards

Sarah has been freelancing for over 20 years. She has excellent communication skills and high levels of both integrity and empathy which makes her an extremely effective trainer, facilitator, and coach. Sarah is Belbin accredited, an NLP Practitioner and a TPMA and City and Guilds Assessor. She uses these skills to specialise in organisation transformation and team building. She is also a confident public speaker, and regularly presents at conferences.

Maureen Egbe

Maureen Egbe

Maureen joined Happy as an Associate trainee trainer in November 2012 and within two years became a Senior Trainer. As well as being a trainer, she is also an ex-athlete and athletics coach - an interest that compliments her training skills, using activities to engage delegates keeping training interesting and fun. Maureen is also an NLP Certified coach.