Adobe Indesign Essentials 

By the end of the course you will be confident in using the essential features of InDesign to create publication, such as newsletters. Delegates must be confident in using Windows and a mouse. This course is for anyone who has never used InDesign before (or any other DTP package) and who prefers to learn at a normal pace.  This course is especially useful if you are producing newsletters or similar publications.

Course Dates:

29th Nov 2017 (fully booked)

Course Length: 2 days

Course Costs:

Standard Price: £600 (+VAT)

Charity: £400 (+VAT)

Public Sector: £490 (+VAT)

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Course Location

Happy, Alie Street – view map & directions

Course Requirements

Delegates must be confident in using Windows and a mouse.

What You Will Learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Understand the toolbox, page attributes, setting up preferences and an introduction to the interface
  • Understand how to create and work with text frames
  • Linking and unlinking text frames
  • Understand Typographic Terms
  • Modify and create style sheets to speed up formatting
  • Importing style sheets
  • Import and work with graphics
  • Create master pages to standardise pages
  • Work with colour and the swatches palette
  • Understand Pantone, spot and process colours
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Day 1

Session 1

Familiarisation and new document basics
What documents can InDesign produce?
Setting up your preferences; Familiarisation with the interface; Creating a new document ;Inserting new pages; Document navigation; Saving, closing and opening.

Session 2

Formatting, editing text and text frames
Selecting text; Formatting text; Typographical terms
Resizing and moving text frames; Text frame options;
Cut, copy, paste and duplicate.

Session 3

Working with elements
Drawing shapes and lines; Grouping and ungrouping;
Changing the stacking order; Text Wrapping.

Session 4

Placing images and working with colours
Types of image; Placing an image; Resizing an image; Colour Modes; Creating and applying colours; Applying tints and gradients.

Day 2

Session 1

Master Pages
What are master pages?; Setting up master pages; Applying master pages; Page numbering; Margin and column guides.

Session 2

Placing text and linking text frames
Placing text files manually; Placing text files using semi-autoflow and autoflow; Linking and unlinking text frames.

Session 3

What are styles and when to use them
Creating and applying styles; Changing and editing styles;Deleting styles.

Session 4

Templates and Libraries
What is a template and when to use one; Creating a template; Using and editing a template; What is a library?; Creating a library.


The course will run from 10am to 4:45pm (light cold buffet 1pm to 1:45pm). Please be careful to arrive by 9.45am for registration and refreshments. The course will start precisely on time and it may not be possible to go back over material missed by late arrivals. If you arrive over 30 minutes late you may be asked to leave and attend another day.

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before booking for our payment terms and cancellation policy.


We want everyone to go away from our courses feeling as though they have learnt useful, practical skills that they can use straight away when they go back to work.

If you don’t feel that your training has been useful or if you are unhappy in any way, please just get in touch with our Customer Services team within 30 days of the course. We will be happy to offer you additional support and training free of charge to help you to gain the skills you need, or if you’d prefer, a full refund.

Your Course Trainer

Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly

Pat is an experienced and versatile Certified IT Training Professional (TAP and TPMA Certified, MOS Expert). He's been our lead trainer in DTP / Photoshop packages for more than a decade.

Pat is also one of our most creative trainers: being a photographer, web-designer, director and actor.