Advanced Excel: Analysing Excel Data for Better Business Decisions

This Excel course is for learners that need to use Excel to quickly and effectively analyse data. The techniques range from those for speedy analysis to setting up complex automated dashboards.

This is an intensive advanced course for users who are ready to learn at a fast pace.

Course Dates:

6th Jun 2019 ( spaces available )

17th Jul 2019 ( spaces available )

18th Sep 2019 ( spaces available )

25th Oct 2019 ( spaces available )

3rd Dec 2019 ( spaces available )

Course Length: 1 Day (9:30 - 17:15)

Course Costs:

Standard Price: £345 (+VAT)

Charity: £230 (+VAT)

Public Sector: £290 (+VAT)

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Course Location

Happy HQ, 3rd Floor, 9 Alie Street, London E1 8DE

Course Requirements

Learners must be confident with creating formulas across worksheets, Autofilling them through rows or columns and using Absolute Cell References (e.g. $B$4). Learners will also need to be confident with basic Functions such as COUNT, AVERAGE, IF and simple range names.  We highly recommend that participants consider joining our Excel Core Level 2 course prior to attending this course if they are not already completely confident with any of the above.

This course will only suit those learners who learn at a fast pace, more reflective learners may be better served by our standard courses.

What You Will Learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Set out your data, and create charts, to provide the clearest possible picture of the meaning of the information.
  • Use conditional formatting to highlight and quickly identify the variety in results, the top 10, the top 10% and so on.
  • Use conditional formatting for traffic light colour coding – creating RAG highlighting (Red Amber Green).
  • Quickly identify the key trends in the data using Pivot Tables.
  • Use filters, group selection and value field settings in Pivot Tables to quickly produce detailed analysis.
  • Use Slicers to filter the results of many pivot tables.
  • Example: Set up quarterly analysis of thousands of records in under a minute.
  • Solve the most common issues with importing data from large databases or other sources.
  • Automate the spread-sheet so updates only require a cut-and-paste.
  • Create inter-active dashboards to display key information.
  • Use drop-down menus to enable others to extract information.
  • Add validation and criteria analysis.
  • Use data analysis functions to extract summary information.
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Session 1: Data Presentation

Data presentation: Principles for clear display of data; Effective use of charts.

Session 2: Extracting Meaning

Conditional Formatting; Pivot Tables; Pivot Charts; Sparklines; Slicers.

Session 3: Dealing with Imported Data

Formatting Issues; Text Functions; Lookup, IF, Index & Match.

Session 4: Data Analysis Functions


Session 5: Dashboard Automation

Drop down menus; Validation; Criteria; Dynamic Range names, OFFSET.

Intensive Courses from Happy

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The course runs 9:30am to 5:15pm (light cold buffet 1pm to 1:45pm). Please be careful to arrive by 9:15am for registration and refreshments. The course will start precisely on time and it may not be possible to go back over material missed by late arrivals. If you arrive over 20 minutes late you may be asked to leave and attend another day.

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before booking for our payment terms and cancellation policy.


We want everyone to go away from our courses feeling as though they have learnt useful, practical skills that they can use straight away when they go back to work.

If you don’t feel that your training has been useful or if you are unhappy in any way, please just get in touch with our Customer Services team within 30 days of the course. We will be happy to offer you additional support and training free of charge to help you to gain the skills you need, or if you’d prefer, a full refund.

Your Course Trainers

Paul Wherly

Paul Wherly

Paul trains on Microsoft products both on the Mac and PC platforms including VBA. Paul has trained with Happy since "the dawn of MS-DOS when formulas ruled the earth."

Kristina Kendall

Kristina Kendall

Kristina is an associate IT Trainer, she’s been training for 8 years and working for Happy since 2015. She provides training mainly on Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Her favourite package is Excel; she loves to show people shortcuts and quicker ways of working.

Kevin Tarry

Kevin Tarry

Kevin has been an IT Trainer for over 20 years, and is a charismatic and enthusiastic training specialist who brings energy and passion to his training courses. He always looks to engage with his learners with the view to making their learning experience as effective and enjoyable as possible.