The Secret of Happiness: Meaning not Money

If you have ever felt envy when you scan the Rich List or read about a millionaire (and, to be honest, who hasn’t?) then a recent discussion on Quora provides a useful antidote. Answering the question “Is getting rich worth it?” several very wealthy people described lives that do not sound enviable. The top-rated responseRead more

It Is Good to Apologise

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, the end (for Jews) of ten days of reflection when we are to make amends to anybody we have wronged over the last year. In our tradition it is not enough to confess your wrong-doings to God. Instead you must seek out the person wronged and try to make it right.Read more

IT Apprenticeships

The IT Apprenticeship scheme is designed to build up your confidence with using IT in the workplace. You’ll receive extensive training in a host of well known packages. And if you qualify, you don’t pay a thing…Read more