New courses for 2018

New Courses for 2018

As Happy continues to grow and develop, we have added more courses to our programme for 2018. This includes one-day Adobe Photoshop and InDesign courses, Enabling Collaborative Learning, Leading Remote Teams, and Practical Suggestions for Working with Anger. See our website for details and upcoming dates! Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Have you always wanted toRead more

Four Tips for Being Assertive, Not Aggressive

Four Tips for Being Assertive, Not Aggressive

Assertiveness is about standing up for yourself and getting your voice heard, without being aggressive. In this blog, Billy Burgess explains four key components for being assertive that you can put into place right away, both at work and in your personal life. It’s not unusual to feel ineffectual regarding our individual contributions to the chaoticRead more

30 Years of Happiness

In the summer of 1987 I wrote in my diary that I could never imagine being happy again. The newspaper I had helped set up, News on Sunday, was on the verge of collapse. Our 200 employees would lose their jobs and the backers would lose their investment. I felt totally crushed, and close toRead more

Upcoming IT training courses

Upcoming IT courses in February and March 2018

Develop your confidence and achieve your goals with our upcoming courses We have refreshed our Adobe courses for the new year – following customer feedback, our Photoshop CC Essentials course is now a one-day course and our InDesign course into a one-day intensive course. We hope that you will join us and learn some new skills – and unleash yourRead more

Using Google Groups to work more effectively

Work Smarter with Google Groups

What is Google Groups? Google Groups makes it easy for groups of people to keep in touch with friends, connect with people who have similar interests, and organise projects and presentations such as project teams, departments, or teamwork to communicate and collaborate easily. You can send an email to everyone in a group with oneRead more