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Established in 1987, Happy has helped thousands of organisations to create happy and productive workplaces.

Here are a few of our success stories...

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  • Case Study: Advanced Technology Services UK Ltd (ATS)

    In: Case StudiesBy: Claire LickmanRead length: 5 min read

    Happy has worked with Advanced Technology Services UK Ltd (ATS) since 2015. We began with the Happy Workplace Leadership Programme over six months. The aim of the training was to ensure that managers at ATS understood their role in creating a brilliant place to work, and to give them the tools to support this. Since then we have supported leadership development at ATS through multiple training events based around the Happy Workplace Programme.

  • Case Study: Epic CIC

    In: Case StudiesBy: Jonny ReynoldsRead length: 5 min read

    Kensington Youth Services was part of Kensington and Chelsea Council until April 2014. They changed their name to Epic CIC on becoming independent. To break free from the Council and establish themselves as an independent social enterprise, they needed to radically change their organisation's culture. Under the leadership of Brendan O'Keefe, they needed to create an innovative company that would thrive in a competitive market wile still reflecting public sector values. Happy has supported Epic CIC throughout this transformation through leadership programmes and workshops.

  • Case Study: TPT Retirement Solutions

    In: Case StudiesBy: Jonny ReynoldsRead length: 5 min read

    Happy hosted a two-day leadership programme for TPT Retirement Solutions. We helped managers to delegate successfully and create a culture of job ownership, regular 1-to-1s with staff and more. After working with Happy and implementing the ideas from the course, TPT Retirement Solutions were awarded the Investors in People Gold Award.

  • Case Study: Abel & Cole

    In: Case StudiesBy: Jonny ReynoldsRead length: 5 min read

    Happy ran a fortnightly workshop for all Abel & Cole’s managers, covering HR basics, recruitment, giving feedback, running effective meetings, and motivating teams, followed by individual 1-to-1 management coaching. Since then, we have an ongoing relationship and run regular leadership programmes and 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

  • Case Study: Positive East

    In: Case StudiesBy: Jonny ReynoldsRead length: 5 min read

    Positive East were looking to empower all of their staff to successfully deliver a significant proportion of their services through their volunteers. Additionally we took the opportunity to help them review and reflect on what in their culture was working and what needed to change for Positive East to become a truly great place to work.