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Why work for Happy?

When you work for Happy, you become part of our greatest asset: our people. We know that by treating you with excellence, we will receive excellent work in return.

Imagine this:

  • Working for a company based around the principle that ‘people work best when they feel good about themselves’
  • A workplace where, instead of levels of approval, people are trusted to make the key decisions for themselves
  • Managers who’ll trust you to work out your own balance of life and work
  • A blame-free culture where mistakes are celebrated

Wouldn’t you want to work there?

See a list of our workplace awards

Who do we look for?

Happy follows the simple principle: ‘Hire for attitude, train for skill’. It’s that simple.

It’s great when experience and qualifications contributes to a fantastic attitude. But we know that you don’t have to have either to be the kind of person we want. Some of our most successful people had little or no industry experience prior joining Happy, including our MD Cathy Busani.

For trainers, here is an example of Senior Facilitator Maureen Egbe delivering one of our sessions – and will give you a good idea of what we might expect:

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What kinds of jobs do we offer?

Generally, we recruit for software training jobs, soft skills training jobs or customer service and account management jobs. Roles are based from our office in Aldgate, central London.

However, at Happy your role can be as fluid as you like. Many of our trainers also work within our admin team, and vice versa. It’s up to you how far you want to spread your wings.