Live Online Interactive Learning

Modern communication software can now provide live and interactive learning sessions. Just like a classroom, there’s a trainer, other delegates – and  you can communicate, interact, ask questions, practice and engage with material. This is a perfect solution for busy people or remote workers.

What is Live Online Interactive Learning?

You log on to the session using software, and the trainer will guide you through the material – encouraging you to participate and learn from each other. Our sessions are never pre-recorded. Our goal is to give you an excellent and interactive learning experience just as you would expect from any of our face to face events.

IT Sample Sessions We’ve Run

Introduction to Office 365 Organising your Tasks in Outlook
Word Tables Take Control Using Outlook Rules
Easy Formatting Using Styles (Word) Managing  Your Calendar in Outlook
Cross-referencing and Indexing (Word) Using Dates and Times (Excel)
Email Merge (Word and Outlook) Better Lookups: Index & Match (Excel)
Creating Impressive Charts (Excel) Creating /Using Range Names (Excel)
Creating Basic Formulae (Excel) Pivot Tables (Excel)
Sorting, Filtering & Subtotals (Excel) Creating ‘Animated’ Slideshows
Working Smarter with Excel Creating Business Graphics: Smart Art

Which technology?

Happy uses GoTo Training and Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) to run all our Live Online Learning sessions.

If you are using different conference call software, we will adapt our sessions to use it.

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