Speed Learning

Speed LearningFor larger groups or organisations with varying needs and experience, we can offer an exciting new approach to training: Speed Learning. Delegates choose from a selection of 1 hour bite-sized sessions and create their own training day relevant to each individual.

And with many soft skills sessions on offer, you don’t have to be limited to just IT...

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Speed learning is an innovative and exciting way of providing a training event for your staff. Delegates create their own training day of four 1 hour sessions, chosen from a menu of IT and soft skills sessions.

Who is Speed Learning for?

  • Large groups (20+) with varied needs and roles
  • Organisations who want to give their staff an exciting, fast paced and varied training day

What are the benefits?

  • Learners get to build the their own training day
  • A wide selection of both IT and soft skills sessions
  • Learners experience a day most interesting and relevant to them
  • Organisations can choose their own session ‘menus’
  • A novel and innovative approach to learning

Speed Learning – A Novel Approach

Rather than booking staff to sit on standard 1 day course on a particular subject or software, delegates can receive training in a wide variety of areas. By having a large session menu, and building the day for themselves, they can make sure they choose the most relevant and interesting sessions.

When is Speed Learning most effective?

Speed Learning GroupIf you have a large group of staff (20+), who all have varied roles, needs or interests – then speed learning may be the best option for you. Delegates will spend a fast paced and challenging day, receiving training during several concurrent sessions (so the larger the group, the more sessions we can offer).

How do I organise a Speed Learning day for my staff?

If you call the office, one of our admin team will be happy to go through the process – and to give you a quote. How the day is run will be tailored depending on the number of delegates you have, and which sessions you would like them to choose from.

Due to the logistics, we prefer to run speed learning days on our premises. However, if you have your own suitable location – we would be happy to accommodate on-site requests.


The cost of running a speed learning day will vary, depending on numbers of delegates, numbers of sessions and the location of the training.

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