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Happy is a leading provider of TPMA certification (Trainer Performance, Monitoring and Assessment). We are the only company in the UK to have achieved the Learning and Performance Institute’s prestigious Gold Standard for 19 successive years.

Our promise: if you don’t believe TPMA is a better training standard and that your training has been useful, you don’t have to pay us a penny…

  • TPMA Certification Essentials4 daysInfo
  • LPI TPMA Refresher and Renewal Info
  • Train The IT Trainer Essentials 2 daysInfo
  • Train the Trainer EssentialsInfo
  • Adding Pizzazz to Your Workshops and Training SessionsInfo
  • Creating eLearning with Articulate Storyline2 daysInfo

What is TPMA?

The TPMA certification (which stands for Trainer Performance, Monitoring & Assessment) qualifies you for professional membership of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

The assessment leads to the TPMA certificate, which is awarded by the LPI.

Which TPMA Course?

For your first TPMA certification, choose TPMA Essentials. If you already have a prior certification (e.g. TAP) choose the TPMA Refresher/Conversion course.

After each course, your will receive a full TPMA assessment and feedback.

You must have been training for at least 6 months prior to the course. If you have no previous training experience or less than six months of training experience, start with our Training the IT Trainer Essentials course.

TPMA Guarantee

Happy promises you will not have to pay for any TPMA course if:

  • You don’t agree the TPMA certification is MORE useful than previous certifications
  • You don’t agree that the TPMA programme has been an excellent use of your time.

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