Agile Project Management in a Day

Agile management is a new, flexible way of managing projects. Agile allows projects to adjust to changing requirements and timescales, and quickly respond and adjust a project based on customer feedback.

In this intensive one day programme in London, you will learn the principles of Agile, its benefits, and you will develop a project plan to use in your workplace that you can put into action straight away.

Course Dates:

31st Jul 2017 (spaces available)

Course Length: 1 day

Course Costs:

Standard Price: £495

Charity: <15 Staff: £140

Charity: 16-30 Staff: £160

Charity: 31+ Staff: £345

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Course Location

Happy, Alie Street – view map & directions

Course Requirements

The course is designed for Project Managers, business leaders, or anyone involved in a project lifecycle who would like to learn about Agile and its benefits for their workplace.

What You Will Learn

Agile Project Management is perfect for projects with constantly changing requirements, for example software or website development. When developing a new product, the development team may spend months or even years to create the final product – only to find that the customer’s needs have changed. Agile allows for and embraces change throughout the project, breaking down the project into small and manageable two to four week cycles. This allows for much more flexibility and the ability to adapt and change to the new requirements. It is beneficial for the customer, giving them much more involvement in the final product, for your organisation, as it allows for more accurate timescales and expected project costs – as well as for the team, who have much more responsibility and flexibility over their workload.

With Agile, responsibility for a project is spread between the Project Owner, the ScrumMaster, and the Team Members. The Product Owner handles setting project goals, adapting the project requirements and setting priorities for new product features. The ScrumMaster manages the team, helping to prioritise the team’s tasks and carry them out efficiently. This allows the team members to directly manage their day-to-day work, with more time to focus on progress reporting and quality control.

In this one day course, you will have an intensive but rewarding day, and will learn the benefits of Agile, when it’s best to use Agile, and will develop your own action plan to take away – so you can start and implement Agile in your workplace as soon as you’re back in the office!


Iterative Development

  • A brief history
  • Combatting project failure
  • The Agile family of methodologies

Adaptation, not Change – the Agile Approach

  • Waterfall vs Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) vs Agile. Which is which and which are we using?
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Is Agile always right?


  • Principles of Scrum
  • “Three Roles, Four Ceremonies, Three artefacts”
  • Scrum in the workplace

Applying Agile and Scrum in the Workplace

  • The challenges
  • Can we adapt? Should we adapt?
  • A plan to take away
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Intensive Courses from Happy

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The course runs 9:30am to 5:15pm (light cold buffet 1pm to 1:45pm). Please be careful to arrive by 9:15am for registration and refreshments. The course will start precisely on time and it may not be possible to go back over material missed by late arrivals. If you arrive over 20 minutes late you may be asked to leave and attend another day.

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before booking for our payment terms and cancellation policy.