Happy: Who We Are

At Happy we seek to make learning an enjoyable and involving experience. Happy Computers helps you use your desktop software more productively. Happy People creates happy workplaces and teaches management and personal development. Happy eLearning creates interactive online learning.

Our clients tell us that our IT courses save them an average 32 minutes a day as a result of their new skills. And over 95% say they found their course an enjoyable experience. We call our approach “Learner-Focused Training”. We see the role of the trainer not just to teach the software features but to help each individual work out how to use these features to be more effective in their work.

In our management and personal development we aim to help create more effective organisations. This ranges from teaching soft skills like effective feedback and appraisal to working with the senior leadership transformation into organisations based on trust and freedom. Click through for case studies and find out more in our Happy Manifesto.

We also offer e-learning, IT Apprenticeships, Live Online Learning, one-to-one Learning Clinics and also room hire to others carrying out training. Our aim is to help people learn and fulfil their potential and have fun doing it, with real impact back in the workplace. And the feedback we get from clients indicates we succeed. Click through for more on our philosophy and training approach.


Happy Computers

Award winning IT training. Fun, involving and work focused classroom training around the country.

Happy People

Management and personal development training. Learn how to make your organistation a better place to work, and fulfil your potential.

Happy eLearning

Online and home learning packages. Off the shelf and customised packages for you and your organisation.

Happy Computers Happy People Happy eLearning